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Welding Quality and Testing

  • Witness / Supervise Welder Qualifications
  • Ensure Welder Qualifications are current and personnel competent
  • When hiring new staff, you need to be sure they can do the job required. We can assess their skills in general fabrication and welding or against a company developed test to ensure they are capable before employment.
  • Relevant Welding Processes (GMAW, FCAW, SMAW, GTAW) and types of equipment
  • Visual Inspection Training from the welders perspective (eliminate simple re-work)
  • General Fabrication & Tacking Practices along with techniques to control distortion
  • Welding Safety, Terminology & Technology Training for all employees including management.
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Procedure Qualification

  • Assist with all welding documentation
  • Internal Welding Supervision & Process Review
  • Review and Audit Welding Documentation is suitable
  • Provide Back-up and assistance in document submissions
  • Develop & Run PQR/WPS samples to relevant Standards and reviewed specifications
  • Complete all required mechanical testing to certify the weld
  • Provide full documentation and back-up of procedures
  • Third Party Review & Approval
  • Witness of Qualification & Testing
  • Visual Inspection Prior to Testing
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